Luminous Yeti

Luminous Yeti by Christopher Lutter

Luminous Yeti 2019 Holidazzle, Minneapolis The Yeti was produced for Minneapolis’s famed month-long holiday event and bazaar Holidazzle, as a reminder of our proto-human origins, as well as an anti-dote to the materialistic ravages of Santa Claus. Yeti looms within the Yuletide as a reminder that selfish, greedy children are destined to be devoured by…

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Kaleidoscope 2019 Mall of America, Bloomington, MN Ah! The Wonder That is the Butterfly! Gentleness. Beauty. Fragility. We admire butterflies for these qualities, hardly understanding that we depend upon them for our very existence. We may love them for their beauty and grace — and perhaps even for their tenacity and bravery, in spite of…

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Wolf and Moose

Wolf and Moose 2016 City of Minneapolis/ Northern Lights Minneapolis Creative City Challenge Winner Wolf and Moose, originally commissioned by the City one Minneapolis, are interactive, animated and illuminated sculptures of a wolf and a moose. Like giant mechanical toys, interior animations can be activated by participants pedaling a stationary bike mounted under each of…

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Water-Wheel Play Table

Water-Wheel Play Table 2012 Seward Childcare Center, Minneapolis In collaboration with Ryan Billig Kinetic water-play area for Seward Childcare Center, as an integrated element of a storm-water run-off irrigation system.

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Big Boots

Big Boots by Christopher Lutter-Gardella

Big Boots October 2011-12 Fermentation Fest WormFarm Institute, Reedsburg, WI Sculptural installation/puppet of spectacle-scale work-boots, as a part of a tour of art-on-the landscape. In collaboration with community volunteers. Work was featured on NEA website and in Public Art Review. Reboot October, 2015 Fermentation Fest WormFarm Institute, Reedsburg, WI Spectacle-scale kinetic boot sculpture, which can…

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Spider · Public Art St. Paul

PASPIder by Christopher Lutter-Gardella

Spider · Public Art St. Paul 2009 Public Art Saint Paul PASPider: A mobile community-arts lab/ colossal marionette In 2009, Christopher Lutter-Gardella was commissioned by Public Art Saint Paul to design and construct an artistic community-arts tent facility, which eventually evolved, through the design process, into a mobile community-arts lab/ colossal spider marionette/ event tent.…

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