Luminous Yeti

Holidazzle, Minneapolis

The Yeti was produced for Minneapolis’s famed month-long holiday event and bazaar Holidazzle, as a reminder of our proto-human origins, as well as an anti-dote to the materialistic ravages of Santa Claus.

Yeti looms within the Yuletide as a reminder that selfish, greedy children are destined to be devoured by a monster of their own making. Yeti, on the other hand, promotes generosity toward others and joy in the simple pleasures of life.
Speaking of simple pleasures: audience members are encouraged to step-forth and pull ropes to animate the 17-ft-tall, 360lb beast—in actuality, a spectacle-scale marionette, suspended from a 22ft-tall control-assembly. His illuminated feature makes him positively magical!

Thousands delighted in pulling the ropes and making the Yeti dance, laugh and yowl. It is our hope to display Yeti once more this Winter and to roll him out again at Holidazzle 2020—perhaps with the addition of “Bride of Yeti”? And even a babbling horde of little baby Yetis?

Time will tell!

Designer: Christopher Lutter
Steel Wrestler: Marc Scamp; Southside Battletrain
Bodybuilder: Anthony Chapin
Furriers: Alison Heimstead; Richard Parnell; Dillon Sebastian; Lacy Rosenberger