Crane Call

Suspended Crane sculptures
Science Museum of MN-main entry lobby
  • Christopher Lutter: Lead Artist/ Designer/ Sculptor
  • Richard Parnell: Partnering Artist/ Designer/ Sculptor
  • Lacy Rosenberger: Builder
  • Tony Chapin: Builder

Cranes are revered around the world. They are symbols of peace, longevity and youth.

In Ojibwe culture, the crane represents chieftainship and members of the crane clan are regarded as leaders and orators.

Around the world cranes are considered to have descended from the Heavens, and the constellation of Cygnus, which flies high overhead in the summer months, is regarded as Crane flying through the Milky Way and heralds the return of the Sun.

These cranes (you see) have descended from the stars, to bring us a message of peace with Mother Earth. They are leading us into the future—a more sustainable and sane future for all living things. Let their call be an urgent call to humans, to stop driving climate change—to stop pillaging and burning our Mother Earth— to respect the sanctity of the Air and the Water—and to consider the power in the Wind and the Sun that is showered down upon us and moves all around us, every single day.

Cranes are creatures of the Air and of the Water. They are calling and calling. Can you hear their cry? Can we heed their call? Can we care for the Air? Can we care for the Water?